World Leadership is Coming for ME

Me, a king? You might think its funny. I sure do. I just don't think it will be a choice. You're asking for it. Let's just jump right into the deep end. I'll never be a career politician. I don't fit the qualifications. Firstly, I'm not a pedophile. However, I am able to tackle difficult issues straight on. In this episode we will review abortion, trans rights and gun ownership. On abortion. If doctors don't, nature finds a way. There's no way to know the outcome of a child's life before they are born, no matter what a certain neuroscientist might think. But for the christians out there, let's just say, would it have been worth saving if one of those kids became a mass murderer? I suppose their answer would be yes. I'm not pro abortion by any means. I just look at the reality and address it in ways other people are too afraid to describe. Is abortion baby killing? YES. Does that make the doctors baby murderers? ABSOLUTELY. Before I ask whether these psychopaths deserve to live or have a job, ask yourself, would a woman kill that baby if there was no doctor to do it? 100%. Men and women had already been doing it for centuries, what makes you think they'd stop now? And without an intermediary, perhaps what we're doing is saving women's lives. Trans people are going through a process I couldn't imagine. Gender is a construct as much as any other word formation people could come up with. And what are words other than sounds that exit the mouth? Everyone thinks there needs to be a heavier focus on trans conversion therapy (one direction or the other) and everyone in the debate fails to acknowledge the more obvious problem. Who are these psychopaths prescribing life altering drugs (literally poison) to kids? Who are these psychopaths chopping off healthy human organs just for aesthetic interest? And the most difficult issue of all; would they have done it to themselves if they weren't around to do it? Do these psychopaths deserve to live? I don't know. Do they deserve to have jobs? Maybe. Predation is a big problem, but what are we suppose to do with psychopaths like that? They are awfully clever. Clever enough to convince the rest of the cult of medicine to go along with their psychotic behavior. Clever enough to educate themselves for a decade in the cult of medicine, be certified to chop people up, murder babies and do it in the most hygienic, least horrific way possible. And that's enough for the public to be convince its better than the alternative. How many babies should one be allowed to murder (and lets face it, trans conversion surgeons are also baby killers) before another person would be justified in punishing them for their psychotic behavior? 1? 20? I am actually curious how many hundreds of operations one person would be capable of in this acceptable behavior. And exactly why are they being paid so much? (probably that whole sanitation thing I mentioned.) There are natural born killers out there. Decent people are so terrified of that they want to believe it doesn't exist. And trust me, given the chance I would have probably killed MANY people by now. You should be thanking god for this miraculous system for keeping me from doing so. You might even think of me as disgusting now for having said that. But check the stats, I haven't killed any babies or chopped any dicks off. The reason guns are a human right in America is not to defend against tyranny like everyone uses as an excuse in America. It's not for self defense, or hunting. The reason the right exists is because guns exist and they are never going away. Here's some hard questions people are afraid to ask and are afraid to hear. The only questions, I might add, that are even worth asking. Would you rather have people be shot with a gun, chopped up or stabbed with a blade, or blown up with a homemade bomb? Those are your options. Natural born killers exist. You are a fool to believe there could ever exist a system for capable of removing murder from the human equation permanently so a decision must be made. And now with 3d printing and milling technology, good luck. I fucking hate social media. Bots or retards? I can't tell which is worse. I tried explaining to some shadows how easy it is to make a gun. Jamaica has a big problem with homemade guns. Bullets aren't difficult to come by and even if they were, they can be homemade as well. But in the case of manufactured casings, all you need to fire it is a hammer. All you need to direct the projectile is a pipe. hell, you could use a hole in wood, it just needs to be enough to resist the force of the hammer when it hits the primer. A bullet, a pipe and a hammer. Good luck getting those off the streets. I was laughed at explaining this to these idiots. Its not a question of ethics or morals; whether we should do allow these things. Its about what the alternatives are. And soon enough, there could be a time when we're asking whether mandatory raping will be acceptable for the preservation of humankind. In that terrifying, very real possibility, people will be asking about how to morally keep pregnant women from killing themselves and their unborn children, rather than how to convince men to abandon their infertile women and her families for less resistant partners. And that's my take on why the handmaids is actually a story about the consequences of uncheck matriarchal power in an egg scarce future. The idea of a society where men who want to have children would hold onto their high class infertile women just for the sake of offspring is a hilarious oversight at best. So what did you learn? Psychopaths will always find a way. They will ALWAYS find a way. And get paid. Because god is a clever son of a bitch.

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