What's the Purpose of a Website

Updated: Sep 5

it's really up to you

1 the library

whether it be publicly visible/served or not, websites store data and provide a system for accessing that data. much like an OS the easier to navigate the data, the better the site.

2 the store

many people believe the only purpose for websites is for selling or marketing. the easier the customer gets from product to sale the better the site.

3 the business card

providing the viewer with the most important and recent accomplishment will inform them quickly of your credibility. the faster they can get from being informed to your contact information the better.

4 the journal

in other words, blogging. people come to learn, the faster the appropriate information is provided, the happier your reader. stop wasting my time.

some people swear by java rich sites, while others believe it confuses the viewer with redundant information.

in my experience, older people have less patience for glamour and are more impatient. as i get older the less patient i become. what i want is unbiased information and i want it now. i don't want story. i did not come to your site to learn about you. i don't want to "feel" anything. i want the raw information. as soon as i start feeling, i lose track of what I'm actually doing. when that happens i get angry and i want nothing to do with the internet, so i shut it off and walk away. this was written at the end of my blog post so you can choose to do the same.

i am an artist and i want a good art website. but i have tried to make it artistic. it doesn't seem to work very well. i have these flashy buttons, my cryptic categories, pdfs instead of jpegs... people do not like it. so I'm going to minimize again and just break it into menus. I'm going to emulate the processes people learned in school.

although I'd love to have a crazy fun even animated website, that doesn't seem to make sense to most people when they are looking for my art. their assumptions are that artists are mere merchants and to not have a website be a store, it would be idiotic. that isn't going to change my mind about removing the store from my site so people focus on my art. however, i understand the need for a link to the place of sales.

people also have difficulties smashing that contact button. most people it seems do not want to engage with customer service (me) when making an online purchase. but for me it actually helps me learn about my art.

anyway it's all bullshit.


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