UBI is a Dumb Idea (please stop)

Perpetual motion devices do not work. If the government bribes its public with free money it will never come back. When I was a kid I found a book, before I could read, and it has some wonderful pictures in it of devices that created endless loops. There was a water device and a marble device I found quite fascinating. In our family cabin there was a penguin machine that when you turned it on the penguins would climb some steps and ski down a slope and get back on the stairs to do it all over again. I thought I would be building that. My dad burst my bubble by saying they were impossible devices. Actually he was totally wrong, they were absolutely possible, they just required batteries. One of a long list of reasons my dad is an idiot. He was correct though, about the described device being impossible (to perform without batteries). Universal Basic Income is one of these. Anyone who thinks otherwise is suffering from psychosis. If you ever find yourself in a conversation regarding this concept, shut it down immediately. I read a study done in Canada, IN THE SEVENTIES, with this ridiculous experiment and was not completed probably due to lack of foresight. When I did the research it was incomplete. But knowing how unreliable Wikipedia and the broader internet is, the study was probably claimed to have been found and finished in order to prove this easily disputed pipe dream. And further, the study was probably proven to be a success. IN THE SEVENTIES. Some people don't realize the internet and all its distractions, didn't exist in the seventies. Knowing how awful my peers are at spending their money, I guarantee that none of their free bribes would ever return to the bank of Canada. Not a cent. Planet earth seems to be a closed system, so long as we don't send all our resources into space. I don't hear much about our atmosphere being ripped away by cosmic forces and lost into the void. This probably means that the resources we have here are... "what you see is what you get". This still does not mean that energy (plus loss) isn't required to make things function. I designed a few concepts for workout machines to return energy into your house's power supply. We discovered it could be possible for a rowing machine to power your refrigerator. It's a great Idea if you use it. The amount of work required could also amount to a 4-8 hours of work a day just to power it for a day or two. That is something more reasonable than UBI, after all, your fridge might be the only thing in the house that you actually need to survive, which also runs ALL DAY. Would you, or anyone you know, sacrifice their day to power their fridge when power costs $50-$100 every two months? Probably not. Do you know what's less expensive than 240 hours of labor? God's sweet gift of rain. It may not happen everyday, but you can bet your ass, it's gonna come soon enough. Why not micro hydro electric devices in every eaves trough? Better yet, the sewers. 2020-2022 we tried UBI. I think probably most of the (western) world tried it. Now that 2022 has arrived, we've learned that most people who, let's face it, probably didn't need to stay home from work or quit their jobs, are not going back to work anytime soon. They've all convinced themselves, when there's a crisis, the government will bribe them, so why not have a crisis every day? Who benefits from people paid to live? I'm a professional bum. I get paid monthly by my parents to live the artist life. Do they pay me a lot? Absolutely not. I tell them, it's not enough to live, if I were single. However, they do want me to explore the arts as it seems to be a gift I've been given and every artist needs a sponsor and they can afford it. These people are my parents. Double however, I also do not spend my money on anything other than my art practice and food. I buy locally produced meat, and my art supplies and tools from Canadian resellers, and the rest goes to rent/utilites. I cannot say where my art supplies are sourced but its not in Canada. If you haven't noticed, computers aren't exactly produced in Canada. Triple however, I'm also actively trying to turn it into income everyday, every waking hour, no vacations, no parties or social life. Are all the people receiving bribes artists trying to get rich and revitalize the community? I have no idea but I bet no. So where does the money come from? Thin air. The insane globalist liberal communists have learned that money is printed from thin air. They believe as the self appointed god's of finance, that they'll just print money and everyone in the world will be so happy owning nothing, that other incredibly industrious nations exports will accept their worthless paper as payment while they all sit on their asses. All while excusing their morbidly obese consequences of eating poison every day. Pigs don't fly; perpetual motion devices don't exist. Although, the human imagination? As limitless as stupidity.

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