The Shadow

If you don't, it will. People talk talk talk about definitions but they are just words and emotionally backed concepts. Consensus is difficult to impossible. The shadow is an idea that you have pent up shame about some bullshit behavior and that comes with feelings of guilt and avoidance. Mostly people will tell you the shadow is "bad" behavior, when it's only suppressed desire for action. The typical petty restrictions people self impose are urges to rape, murder, steal. However, many people also suppress altruism due to impositions made by others, as with religious or societal law. Hence, the good shepherd. God's will always wins, because god always wins. There is a sound scratching inside each of us, to do something, perhaps the worst thing that could ever be done. By not acting on that will we deny god and we suffer, and his will is enacted upon anyway, with or without your agreement. Maybe we should blame the stars, however, they are also god's children. And so you must blame god for all the awful things in this world as well. This is why god cannot be described and all worship is in search of god. The altruistic shadow will betray the darkness of evil. If you have been raised to embrace destructive behavior as a form of strength, and somehow that thought becomes tainted with the taste of helpfulness, you will betray those who wish harm. None of these actions need to come with force, but if resisted, they will come with self sabotage. Mistakes were made in wars that lead to defeat. Where these mistakes were avoided in the past, they were made in the future. So is the way of humanity. We cannot expect us to be eradicated so quickly. Overt altruists who are covertly selfish or resent those who trespass against them will hurt those any way they can. In the same way as the covert altruist will sabotage their invading forces, an father or mother will poison their child for dishonoring them. This happened to me. As written, my days were numbered so long as I carried that dishonor. And so the poison struck me from their hands or otherwise, for I am god's son and to dishonor him is to not carry forth his will. The catholics thought they were helping the poor savage natives, and by point of comparison, we certainly don't think so. Becoming aware of your shadow is merely acknowledging that which you were meant to do and honoring that, and honoring your imagination for fulfilling that which may be impossible to undertake under any other circumstances. Honoring your complete lack of self control. Submitting to god, that you are as shitty as you could possibly imagine yourself to be, and that your only defense against your stupidity is death. The story generator will run with or without you moping around about it.

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