The Rich

Whether they like it or not, they are programmed to destroy you. Eliminating threats is part of survival. Children of the city face virtually zero threats today. You might think, what about xyz, yeah well, what about fearing for your life living in the country because wildlife and disease are just waiting every waking moment to destroy you. Although, those threats aren't as present the farther north you travel. Then it's just the cold. But even then, so much pipe has been laid, you'd have to be drunk or forgetful to die from frostbite. City dwellers of 2022 are domesticated animals. Due to the threatless nature of life in 2022, people have to invent them. Through relentless boredom and unlimited imagination, people have created a plethora of fake conflicts in order to occupy their empty minds, mostly subconsciously. In 2022 makes claim equals truth. I have lied so many times just to test the water and I tell you it is deep and supposedly filled with ravenous sharknados which are real real real. Domesticated animals are completely comfortable being spayed and neutered. Rich people are threatened by you. Every single one of you. If you're not a threat to taking their money, you're a threat to not supplying them with money. Conscious or not, they can't afford for you to rise above and take it. Whether they know it or not, every hand they extend to help people in need, is a gesture in bad faith no matter how cynical it may sound. The less they like you the more insidious. Planned parenthood. People think liberal elitism has only now begun to shine its racist (deep down classist) nature upon the world. If anything the internet merely opens our awareness to it. The art of war (is deception) and how to win friends and influence people (a lesson on emotional manipulation), two of the most recommended books in the business world. Both combined has created a level of effective psychopathy most people can't recognize. And if you point it out, they will tell you you have a bad attitude. Just look for the smirk. When you see it, you know its duper's delight. Look at the contributions these people have actually made to society. Usefulness does not require deception. I climbed out of the mud. How? By myself. I was abandoned because no one wants to help someone who can't help themselves. If you are down in the mud and you see a hand outstretched claiming they can help you, check the price tag. Then check how many people are grabbing at your heels. The cost affects everyone around you, and there's no chance of any of you getting clean. Then you'll look back up and see the hand is dirtier than yours is. The only hand that can save you is god's. And once you're out of the mud, you can't very well reach back in there to save anyone. They will just get you muddy again. The best you can do is sing sweetly from the shoreline. Look at their plans to "save the world". First of all, save the world from what? As though science will ever save you from the sun. Every plan they've constructed involves you and yours paying the price for them and their luxuries. A prison planet. That's their answer to everything. Just let them take of it, take care of you, don't ever think, don't ever do anything, just give it up, give it all up. Give up. Take these drugs, they're legal now. Give up. No.

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