The Power of Writing

We've built this disaster system where writing has been given all this power and it really doesn't do us any good. I'm a really good writer. I write these ... essays(?)... in one go. Sometimes I re-read and edit them. It's not really that important to me. Its a warm up. I don't even care much about my opinions. I'm not even sure I would call them that if I don't actually believe them. I also try to publish ideas that are logically indestructible while also hilarious. And thank goodness for spellcheck, because holy shit, has my spelling ever suffered since it's inception. Writing is bullshit. Every damn industry has their own terminology. 90% of it is unnecessary jargon intended to keep outsiders out; replacing understood words with different words (ie renal failure = kidney failure or for fuck's sake ID EST = THAT IS). And once you learn the formula for the terminology, patterns arise like in any language and suddenly you realize, "oh, its a real cool club and I'm not a part of it." Writing as valuable. Maybe conceptualizing has its place. The written word seems to be just a mechanism for manipulating the emotions of others. Most intelligent people are doing the work in their head, because it is a waste of time to write it down. That's how powerful the brain can be. Case in point; pretty much no one is going to read this. (durp, I used a semicolon) People ask, what the hell will people do if computers stop computing? You know, some bullshit speculation like sun bursts or whatever or pole shifts or some other bullshit, and poof! 125 IQ no longer has a calcumolator to computate their frigermerator cool hot thingy. Starvation? I guess we'll have to see about that. Its hard to imagine a future where humanity doesn't exist in it. We can't observe long distances in the future or the past (cerainly not without glass) so we really don't know if the universe isn't just breathing on a 12 thousand year loop cycle where society's knowledge just comes and goes in and out of relevance. There's no possible way to know that. Its barely worth speculating upon. And if you know so much, build a fucking great pyramid already! When the chips are down we seem to have a history of bringing and keeping it together. Any dummy can copy-pasta and bibliographies are for retards. And on my way to ruling the world before its demise, I want people to cherry pick my written word to discredit me. It will be one of my favorite experiences to laugh in their retarded faces about how little I care about how people interpret my message. The written word has become a tool to let dummies think they are smart. At least its mostly used to emotionally manipulate people into not doing horrific things publicly and get away with it. But last I checked, the average IQ was still 100.

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