The Only Problem with Free Speech

I realize my blog entries are really going to end up being rants.

I have this problem, I talk A LOT I don't exactly enjoy it, but for whatever reason, I do it. It's my superpower and my greatest weakness. There was this guy I grew up with. He was the biggest piece of shit you could probably meet in that tiny town. He was shit, and everything he touched turned to shit. When he got locked away, EVERYONE was happy. I remember the day. He was skating around drunk and we watched him, up the hill from the park, disrupt traffic, horns a blazing bwup bweep POWOWA and gone! Everyone wanted him locked up for years. Imagine "the government" (since it's always changing into something better equipped to piss you off) spies on you everyday and you can't even utter the words, "man someone should kill that guy" even as a joke. Could we ask what is permissable at that point? or do we all just shut the fuck up?

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