Hypnosis is a bell curve and you're probably in it. Slaves are easy to control. They are suckered into group think attitudes and the group's thought easily overpowers the force of the thoughts of "free" thinkers. When I say "free" I stress that freedom is still confined within the restraints set by this reality. If you tell a slave to focus on differences (red and green tomatoes), they will notice when you differentiate by skin color or gender as well. What easily follows is discrimination. Liberalism allows for acceptance of differences, but inevitably leads to infighting. You simply can't expect acceptance of those who don't accept you to make any sense in the long run. I've heard that prisons are where racial discrimination is heightened for survival. But its all just candy coated chocolate to me. Do you like the red ones or the yellow ones? It's still just chocolate. If you teach a slave to read, do you think he'll suddenly be better at understanding? If you reduce the content of the subject matter to 150 characters or less, do you think he'll do his own research? When would the slave ever find the time if they work 2 jobs 12 hours a day? As a result, its 2022 and everyone is uninformed by design. There's a fantastic fictional dreamlike fantasy with a scene with oligarchs discussing how in eastern Africa they would have sex segregated camps and how productivity went up. Especially when short co-ed breaks were used to control birthing. It reminded me of oil workers. Except in their case, their women were often out working service jobs to achieve similar wages, adultering on their partners while they were away, with other oil workers. Very lucrative indeed. Social media is the king of mental slavery. They turned leisure into work and convinced its use as requirement for employment, and created a battleground for social destruction. They are denounce left right and center and still, you sign up for it. You are an idiot and they are counting on it. After all, how else will you meet likeminded people. And now that they know who you are, they know where to find you when they want to lock you up. They even plan to eliminate paper. Bravo. The next stage is to convince you that you have your freedom's returned by giving you money and making you the customer. How cute. The only problem is, you are shitty at knowing whats good for you. If you think otherwise, just look at what you buy. People have been convinced vegetables are good for them. Maybe in a famine you'll take what you can get, but despite all the lobbying against its publication, sugar is the cause of diabetes; all sugar. What will can you do about it? Stop giving these people your money is one way to start. But who are we kidding, you're going to show up to that corporate greed protest with a tailor made cigarette in your mouth and your gap jeans on. Completely unaware that if you had only stayed interested in home economics, maybe you'd be less miserable that no one wants to marry you and your bullshit job. People are suckers to bribery. It wins pretty much every time. A tax cut is not the same as an outright bribe. If the government starts handing out "free" money, and you take it, you're a sucker and a bitch and you've fallen for the con and knowing you, you'll probably vote for them in the next election, because you're an idiot. Universal Basic Income is a bribe and its communism. Or maybe post communism. Although I believe the world is in a constant state of anarcho-capitalism (whoever makes the money makes the rules), every political persuasion benefits by capitalism because people have been convinced money equates to happiness. You could say that life is about making money and cultivating relationships. When those two things aren't happening in anyone's life, you can count on it that they are miserable as one could get. The communists realized they can't get anyone to agree to equal pay, since doctors don't enjoy being compared to burger flippers. So they instead recreate the story, give it a new name and refeed it to you. After all, who doesn't like money right? Which is why all communism ends up as state-run capitalism. Another word for that is fascism. Socialism leads to communism, communism leads to fascism. In other words, socialism communism and fascism are the same thing. But people need money right? Do they? I can imagine right now there are more function cars on earth than people driving them. Depreciation is a tax advantage. I did a quick google and found there are 6 times more houses than humans on earth. It is paramount that companies manufacture more product than is demanded. Supply and demand is fake. There will always be more supply than demand by design. If you had the money, you would still spend it on trash, and blame someone else when the doctor refuses to tell you you've been poisoned. But they couldn't know either, because they learned the words like everyone else but never took the time to read. They're too busy working to pay off the debt they took out to be indoctrinated into accepting information passed down by they're idiot predecessors. Fake nutrition, fake scarcity, fake famine, fake wars, fake data. And why is it fake? Because you couldn't know the truth even if you had the time to try. Freedom of choice is great, but there are too many options. How many features does a blender need and how many will you ever use? Capitalism is great at lifting people out of poverty. The problem is it bleeds the world's resources. Ending capitalism requires two things. Eliminating options; one company with 3 blender options premium, mid grade and basic, and eliminating employees; once a corporate threat is perceived, community ostracization is the only way. Don't bother reason with Corporate executives. People will say, why punish the slaves? Because you may not realize, but it's the crew driving the ship, not the captain, they are merely shouting out orders. If you want Google to stop being evil, start with the content moderators, and work your way up to the developers. And try to be discreet. Once the general public starts being inundated with CP, you bet your ass people will be trying to shut them down. Free speech isn't and never has been a thing. There will always be a price. You are all slaves to community acceptance, let alone language itself. If people are more concerned about language than violent attacks, you might have a problem. The reliance on the value of the written word is how this mess was created. Ironically I write this but unironically, you aren't reading it. Not only did you not learn to read, you wouldn't have the time to if you did.

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