Everyone is in their own prison cell called the body. All those rich people that poor people hate, are trapped in their own bizarre restrictions. They can't exactly walk down the street alone, or go to normal restaurant without an entourage. Don't be so envious of the wind when you consider escape. There are prisons for violent offenders, there are prisons for nonviolent offenders, there are prisons for millionaires. When a person serves their time (there is a reason we have these limitations) the return to an unwelcoming world. We have no place for forgiveness. To believe rehabilitation does not work is a support for capital punishment. Capital punishment should be used for certain crimes since it seems difficult to support the idea of feeding someone who has destroyed countless lives in their perhaps brief expression of the lord's design. Should we allow the government to decide who should and should not live? We already sacrifice the task of imprisonment to them, so why not? Especially if when they return to a society where they will face endless ostracization. We lock people up for doing harmful things, and yet we have no contemporary facilities for those who wish not to participate. A drug user would rather take a substance that could kill them than be locked up in jail. We have rehabilitation facilities but many cost a fortune. We can't expect the psychiatric wards of hospitals to accept an infinite number of patients. A parallel voluntary prison system should exist. We talk about UBI, when so many actually want to try to compete in the system. Why do we not have a sign-in system where people can go stay in a prison cell to recover from their social issues? These people can find solitude there and re enter society when they wish. I believe this used to be called a monastery. Sex segregated, government subsidized, you could join the encampment and do daily duties, or waste away alone. There would be an armed force to keep people in line, but the program would exist to serve both types of inmate; those who need time and space and encouragement to learn and those who wish to sloth about and die. Maybe my idea of this is short sighted, however, we have many others doing the choosing for us, why not offer an opportunity for some to choose for themselves? Assisted suicide is murder. Abortion is murder. However, when legal, these doctors will not serve a moment of time behind bars. So we have provisions for choice when regarding adults choosing to end life, why then do we not have them for people who choose to live, but have no effective way of integrating into society? And some people just don't. We have swaths of retarded people who will never integrate into society and either the parents learn to take care of them for however long they may live, or they are abandoned into a system where society pays for their care. Some people suffer traumas and delusions and instead of facilitating them, they crowd the city streets and harass the people who manage themselves. The city is not a sane place, nor is it inviting, nor is it natural, nor is it... yet we come here to meet like minds. Now that the internet exists, this place has a decreasing value day by day. People love nature, they just don't wan to be mauled by a bear. They want to be out at the beach, fishing at the lake, even golfing is a way people get into the outdoors. Lockdown reminded people how little they enjoy wasting hours of their lives commuting to their bullshit jobs in a prison of someone else's making. How have we not figured out a way to do this while cutting out the bullshit?

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