NOT Being Negative

In this quickie I'm going to focus on making everything I would otherwise state as negative (or what I call aggressively neutral) as a positive. Intentionally (and maybe aggressively) positive. Keep in mind all these blogs are stream of thought. They are mutable opinions and exercises in thought. As a neutral person on the alignment scale, it could be difficult or even noticeable. So here I will write first, then edit for corrections. Today, I will omit posting edits for comparison. In the future I will consider it. I am an excellent writer. This is a genuine belief I hold. If asked about my skills I would put writing at the top of all other skills, even though my output is sparse. There is one thing in syntax that is definitively negative. NOT is a negative. Words themselves are neutral except for the word NOT. The word negative is actually a neutral word. Words like positive or happy are also neutral and emotionally interpreted by the reader. Excessive happiness can after all lead to negative outcomes. This is what people will say about bipolar disorder. When opposing a negative with the word NOT (ie "I'm not negative") the user is negating the previous quality. A sophisticated defense of a negative interpretation requires use of opposite language without use of the word NOT. This can be challenging. In the previous paragraph (sentence three) I used the word "sparse", instead of saying "not often" in order to avoid this negativity trap. If I kept using the word NOT at that point, it would reduce the value of my argument. I was considering the word "rare" in its place, but then I would have to contend with whether that statement was true or false. In the context of NOT being a distinctively negative word, its difficult for me to define what would be considered a positive. You can throw the prefix "PRO" before "abortion" and as many heads would explode as those who are anti-pro-life. And here again we illuminate the prefix "ANTI", as another example of a negating quality that isn't necessarily negative. Anti-racism is considered an agreeable sentiment. I like things. Which things? Many things. Do I like cheese? Yes. Do I like politicians? No. Is that a negative? It could be debated. To me it sounds like a correct answer to a yes or no question. True or false questions should be in the realm of neutrality, just as much as quantity when I say, there are no apples in this barrel (as opposed to, there are not any apples in this barrel). Just because you're not wrong, doesn't make you right. Negation does not equal confirmation. I think this is the issue with negative vs positive in the context of language. Negation makes a statement of existence, and then states its removal. This language can create distortions in understanding. Someone once asked me "how are you?" I replied, "not bad." to which they said, "I didn't ask you how you weren't." The use of NOT can lead to talking without saying anything. Like, is nothing a thing? Does nothing exist? No, but we have a definition for it. But, however, although, are reversals. Although reversing can be interpreted as negative, is it? "This was my aim but i made a mistake. This was my aim however, mistakes were made. Although mistakes were made, this was my aim." These sentences are clearly neutral on the face however, a general interpretation of the word "mistakes" would be the part considered negative. What if the following sentence was "however, the mistakes made it even better"? Would that transform the word "mistakes" into a positive? It does, just as much as being a better killer serves positively the one requesting the killing. People would say suicide is bad until they hear that Hitler commit suicide. If I come across anything else to change my position on this, I will come around and post an extension to this thought. For now, it is my understanding that language is emotionally interpreted by the reader/listener, which is their responsibility to manage. In the context of syntax, I have a hard time seeing any explicitly positively charged words that negate the profound effects of the word NOT.

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