nft journey (part3)

Updated: Mar 1

ART IS THE UTILITY When all coin hits 0 all you'll have is an arrow. What is it pointing at? Your art sucks. Your songs suck. Your rap sucks. Your website sucks. You suck. Pick your shit up and get the fuck out. There is no honesty in nft. A hall of mirrors. The grift isn't the grift, it is art. There is value tho... The value is the arrow. The arrow is the art. The art is the utility. Betting on the long haul is to bet on the shadow. All will worship me or get the fuck out and here's your orders... What should I collect, if I were a creative man? Something I can't make myself. From the children of the Black Hole Cult of Silicon Valley... Welcome to the New Money Cult of Nonsense dont be afud

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