nft journey (part4)

I found them. They contacted me on discord. Perhaps this is my salvation. I rage quit twitter (obviously)

since everyone on there is either crying or culting. I can't handle wanting to be wanted. I also got kicked out of a prize disc for asking too many questions. I feel so alone...

Disc mods... under-employed, under-educated, cops-nouveau There will be an entire industry devoted to them. AND JUDGES the future. I wonder if social media will start hiring MOD firms to tackle online abuses (instead of doing it in house) after all it's web3 and security is the number one upcoming industry. that and health mental health since everyone's on meth and or weed and eating socials' feed... don't ask questions. adapt I should say they found me. Old friends from twitter spaces. Its so nice to see them here... I wonder what's to come.

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