nft journey (part2)


Mintable is utter trash.

5 ETH by march 4th 2022, selling nfts by any means necessary.

I'm an artist. I want to make art. I think the many avenues to making art are compelling but i really need to focus.

Mintable has a really shitty unappealing UX.

it makes me wonder, why would anyone ever care to use it?

1 its ugly

2 free always = bad

3 spam

4 no royalties in their base contract (makes me wonder if they're taking it themselves)

5 no history of selling

if you look at other markets, a couple things pop out

1 aesthetic

almost all favorable projects are doodles or pseudo doodles. which i'm now coining as pseudoodles.

pseudoodles are figurative but cartoonish, but rarely are realistic toons selling.

2 avatars

i think this trend will last a long time. the successful collectibles are avatar pseudoodles.

3 really good art

beeple seems to be alone in making a run of moderate art become super successful.

it also appears to me that "pop" is dead. that means there aren't a slurry of people making bank on pop culture iconography. its often original.

and as far as successful collectibles go, people are going to gravitate toward good art.

for the flippers, i've seen the garbage many are just flopping out on. its all trash.

so my next move is to make a collectible series using a bit system i developed based on a pump n dump code.

i think my system could possible create 12^3*6+6 nfts. roughly 10348. i think. probably less.

i often overdo these things so i'm trying to keep super simple. other than that its top secret.

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