nft journey (part1)

Updated: Sep 6

Mintable is a trashy nft store.

BUT with all the nft shops available online, and most of the good ones them looking like they support a kind of...

bullshit club sysytem...

like a collectible club...

i figured i'd try going the opposite direction and see if by selling inexpensive nfts i could sell many.

on Mintable.

by far the trashiest nft marketplace I've seen so far.

but hear me out.

I have these figurative works and although i think they're great and they're hypnotic and will make excellent wall art,

I have to actually put a lot of time into learning code in order to have a sweet club.

so I'm making myself a deal right here that i'm going to make a 5 ETH on Mintable selling my nfts on Mintable by march 4 2022, 6 months from now.


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