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I don't even believe in my own opinion, because things are changing all the time and people say stupid shit. Why speak? For fun, probably. There's no real reason other than for god's amusement. The greatest sin of all, self awareness, was committed in the highest capacity by himself when he incarnated himself as Jesus. This is why cheaters get rewarded. And apparently the gravest sin of all was also rewarded with the greatest reward. God created himself so that he could cheat in his own game. But that's just my opinion, man. As worthless as any, since no one actually listens to opinions nor do they create their own. They simply create combinations of sounds hoping someone might praise them for doing so. Sure that's how we do things as humans, but what really is the point? That's where I started to realize, no matter what I say, none of it matters in the end, because I can always change my mind and make recompense whenever I need to fit in to a team. When the chips are down, your opinion doesn't matter and most people will not choose to die on any hill, especially women. This isn't sexist, it's just the truth. People don't want to die, and would rather bury people alive if they knew they would be buried alive anyway. Most people are cowards and talk tough until there's a problem that requires incredibly difficult decision making. If there's a train car going to kill 5 people and you switch the track it will kill one, you'll probably freeze up. At least then you can walk away having made no decision at all, rather than explain why you murdered the other person. that's 6 hearts you'll have to break minus the dead one and including your own. We change our minds when it serves us to do so. We reason backwards from the point of action. Most of the time we don't fully think things through. Most people are so lacking in self awareness they won't even consider compensating blatant contradictions in speech or blame the times for their change in outlook. How many people have apologized for sexist racist homophobic comments after x time went by? When is it appropriate to make a joke on any subject? Immediately. There is no difference between today or tomorrow. My friend hung himself and I found him and I made jokes as soon as I saw another human. Why wouldn't I? There were funny things to say about it. My dead friend and I were just making jokes about it a few days earlier. It didn't make things any better or worse as a result. Don't be afraid, everyone will die, horrific things happen, and if you would never have made the joke in the first place, that would be the only excuse for not doing so. Of course, I'm not a professional comedian.

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