Misinformation, Disinformation, Mass Formation and Your Butt

Updated: Mar 25

Chances are, not only do you not know what you're talking about, you're probably also lying. This includes me. I started this blog and as a way to write all the time. Certainly I'll try to once a day and see what happens. I figured no one would read it and it's not like I'm giving them any ability to complain about me on my blog with any fact checking as a result. And my single biggest complaint about this format is there is no indenting. What the hell is happening to society? Did you know shit comes out your ass? Yeah, you probably thought geez, I wonder where that came from. Your ass. People will tell you all about how it goes through this process all throughout your body to make its way there. I haven't met anyone who's ever seen the food go through the entire process of being converted from tasty morsels to feces, but I have it on good authority that it does in fact become shit somewhere inside before exiting the asshole. I heard a story once that ancient Egyptians did not know this fact and thought perhaps the gods were upset with them and began sewing assholes shut. That must have been a pretty shitty deal. Trust is the number one reason for people believing whatever information they come across that is not a direct experience (which still ends up being a singular perspective). And when it is a direct experience, you're trusting your senses were accurate enough to tell the difference between truth and illusion. A friend mentioned a time he walked past a field of grass with two parallel strips flattened running through it and mentally commented about the atv used to create those marks. Of course he may have been right about the analysis but it still required his imagination to fill the blanks. That is not the truth, it is speculation. Misinformation is false information that is spread, regardless of whether there is intent to mislead. Disinformation is deliberately misleading or biased information. The news is not the truth. It can never be the truth, so why is everyone up in arms about it? Why can it never be truth? Because the news is just people telling stories. Those people are hoping to inform you about something no one could possibly verify. They are trusting you to believe that they are trustworthy. Even if everyone in the world repeated it as though it were true, it can never be true. The news can only ever be misinformation or disinformation. All news is fake news. What is real and what is fake? Well for starters, they are words. The experience of truth can never be described accurately, but we try our best. Regardless, we are all living in our own psychosis, where imagination fills in all the holes of the story. I admit, I have gone crazy with assumptions in the past and it has ruined relationships and trust. I did that. Those who I accused didn't do anything that I could have ever verified. And people lie or misremember or lack intent required for responsibility. And people flat out lie. How do we trust each other if we're always lying? I don't know. However, I do think that talking is one of the biggest reasons for these messy situations. Maybe the solution is to shut the fuck up.

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