How To Catch a Dangerous Animal

Is honesty enough? I've had this on my mind for some time now. How dishonesty has been ignored. We have all the technology in the world to prove falsehood and yet dishonesty persists more than ever. But what exactly is dishonesty? Trust. Makes claim: provides no evidence. Makes claim: provides no evidence. In this day today, how do we trust any information without trust. How do we trust any story if the story is then predicated upon another story. Half truths are the turtle that goes all the way down. But we must trust each other or slip into psychosis. And so we must submit to half truths. I was a very sick boy. During the peak of illness every single lie I ever told, or heard, caught up with me. I had developed an impossible dream of what the world was supposed to be. I was called insane. But was I? I merely took all the lies I was told by the people I was supposed to trust, and using my incredible brain, I began to piece together all the lies with what could be the only possible logic to make them exist. Then I was forced into a position where the only thing that could possibly exit my mouth would be a lie. Because I believed them. I believed them because I trusted them. And then when the truth finally revealed itself, it appeared the same way as every lie told before it. What option does one have but to never trust anyone or anything ever again. Is this new found truth THE truth? Or just another lie? Our eyes supposedly reverse the image it is sent. But why? Why would we see the world upside down? The light which we see is only a reflection. Every Atom has a backside. Schrodinger is ever present. The world each of us see is upside down and one sided. The hydra has many heads, but a weak heart. Let it grow heads until its heart gives out on its own obesity. The dragon is super-intelligent, however, it's greedy and easily tempered. Feed it until its heart gives out on its own obesity. Whatever you do, don't attempt to fight it head on. It must first be weighed down by its own desire. The heart. All you need is the heart. The one thing it values the least. In other words, from the inside out. This beast does not need to be lied to, neither does anyone else, but it would not know how to recognize truth if it saw it. So in goes all things, without discrimination. Somewhere down the line, it will bite upon a morsel that will keep the heart from pumping at a strength required for maintenance. Then the beast will fall. Pray you are not beneath it when it does. These words...

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