God Hates Good People

The Christians are the only Abrahamic religion that believes in the resurrection. At least the Muslims have enough sense to believe he existed without the fantasy element. Christians are apologists. It seems to be their fundamental weakness. They seem to think everyone deserves a place in this world, which is true in the reality sense but not in context of cohesion. There is a place in the world for every person's desire to come true only if you look for it. You can become a professional killer with the blessing of government, you can marry children... Whatever you can imagine, somewhere people will accept that behavior no matter how atrocious. Jesus apologized for people's disgusting behavior, so why shouldn't you? And then by that stretch, why not let them live next door to you? And when they fuck up (and they will) why not forgive them and give them space to do it all over again. I'm a capital punishment kind of guy. And so is God. Except in God's case, certainly the Christian one, it seems me the story wasn't about how good can exist in the world as much as it was, no matter how good you are, you will get struck down. When you remove the resurrection part, (and in some stories the crucifixion), what you get is a story where a good guy gets tortured simply for being good. I don't know if you noticed, but in that story they also talk about how being a terrible person will be rewarded with material wealth. Because that makes lots of sense. I really don't like the idea of punishing good people for crimes they didn't commit but show me a rapist/torturer and I'm all for putting them to death. I would even include certain types of political and financial corruption. The Abrahamic god rewards those who can convince others to kill others and themselves. He also rewards those who break his commandments and excuse it by taking credit for his own accomplishments. In other words, the more sneaky you are at breaking the ten commandments, the more rewards you are likely to receive. If someone starts preaching about how to save one's self, those who heed the word will throw accolades upon him when it is fact God who moved the hand the entire time. And when this person receives his reward, he will go on about how honored he is to be responsible for saving so many lost souls. The New Testament is a book about how God became a man, so that he could torture himself to death and still win because he's fucking god you idiot. No wonder they killed him. No wonder there are rules about how one should not do so. Jesus committed a grave sin and paid for it with his life. But that's not the worst part. He came, and used MAGIC POWERS to prove his point. Magic powers that no one else has access to. It's not that he was a regular man like you and me, experiencing the vast array of temptation and experiences and achieved these ascended powers, its that he did it all while also being god, knowing he was god, and supposedly trying to help people understand that they too, if they'd only tried harder, could achieve such glory. Forgive them for they know not what they do am I right? What did this prove? That god is a dick? People will go on and on about free will and then believe in stories like this, which highlight in detail, how you have no control of the story, it is his story, and therefore even the pedophiles on earth are part god's will. It is disgusting. They know not what they do, because he made it that way. Its all just a sick joke, god is the comedian and the only one laughing is him. This is Krishna, the dark one. The only god who actually makes sense. Made entirely of nothing, he smiles from the shadows of the source and experiences infinite joy from the endless torture of himself. Hell is infinitely long because when we suffer we feel as though it will never end. Happiness is fleeting because we want it to never end. I just want nothing. I want to be in the void, and I will never be there because god and I are one and will never be apart. This is my prison of love. If only the machine of my design, were built in such a way that I could have everything without any struggle. Instead, The dream flows on and the suffering continues. And he smiles upon all of them who benefit (for however long) from the awful feelings I have no control over in the first place.

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