Experts Don't Exist

It's easy to make up a convincing story based on other convincing stories. It still doesn't make them true. I'm in the middles of watching the comedian who built his career lying about reality, try to revive his career by lying about reality. This same person was the seed that convinced the news that ratings fueled by inflammatory lies was better than at least attempting to tell the truth even though that failed as half truths were the best they could ever accomplish anyway. Is laughing at their fear of death really so bad? The reason experts disagree is because unless it's 100%, its probably closer to 0%. Or at least at that point you may as well believe in astrology and karma. And karma is one of those things people say all the time but don't understand in the slightest (it has to do with reincarnation and experiencing things the soul wants to express in this life because it didn't last time or did such a good job experiencing something in a past life that it can finally move on to experience something new... or whatever.) People just think karma is "what goes around comes around"... or whatever. I had an illness. The "experts" told me I would be sick my whole life if I didn't take their silly snake oil. So I did my own research. They had told me a certain genetic marker was an indicator that I could have the disease. Turns out only 60% of people with the genetic marker developed symptoms. Also only 60% of victims had the genetic marker. I found out only 60% of people taking the medicine would show signs of recovery by taking their snake oil. Do you see a pattern emerging? But the longer I researched this problem, the more the numbers changed. The internet only provides you with updated data, so whoever decided to change the data whenever they wanted to would probably get the first visible search results. I also found out 30% of victims (haha) could recover from placebo. So why couldn't I be in that 30%? When I went to the "expert" about this disease, I noticed a pattern. The only thing the "expert" seemed to be capable of doing, was measuring me, then prescribing me drugs. There was no intervention, no conversation. And the one day they praise the almighty snake oil for working such wonders on my body. They told me, no matter how I changed my life, I could never recover, so continue living as usual [no matter how destructive it may be]. So I did exactly that. And as you could expect, I just got sick in other ways. And what was their solution? You got it, MORE SNAKE OIL. But of course, it would be a different flavor. So I says to myself, FUCK THAT, and I says to the "expert" FUCK YOU. I've never looked back. And I'll never ask an expert advice again, unless the results are 100% repeatable. If evidence has a 100% success rate, can a person really claim to be an expert? It's not really like that is it? If I told you 1+1=2 would you call me an expert mathematician? And even if I could sequence long equations, is that really expertise? If you think about it, the math is really the one doing the work. Which is why people have to ask if mathematics are invented or discovered. It doesn't take long to discover that these are just words. In law, "experts" are used to lend credibility to a case. But what exactly do they do, other than weave some bullshit story to tell the judge? If you plan a murder ten years in advance, you could imagine how easy it could be to bribe them well in advance. That's just one example of how things don't really make sense. I knew a guy who drank and drove a half dozen times (probably twice that much now) and he explained to me that you could just pay a lawyer $5000, a standard fee, and the lawyer, who is buddies with the judge, since they see each other every day, and the case would get thrown out. That means, no prior offenses would even appear on their record. Is this an expert lawyer, or a retarded judge? Nah, let's just blame the system. But I get it laws exist for a reason or something. The sun is stronger than anything on earth and the weather changes when the sun changes its mind. It then collaborates with the earth and the moon and the other planets, to ruin your life every once in a while and human "experts" want to take credit for it. When really it's just a way to get you to fall for the practical jokes of god's gifted psychopaths to finally have a bull run on the well being of you and your nose grinding family. There's really nothing you can do to help it, because that's the way things work. And even if you could you wouldn't, because not a single "expert" has ever figured out how to get you and your retarded friends to stop buying stupid useless shit and eating piles and piles of poisonous garbage. Which begs the question, would they even want to if they could? Yes. Yes they would. "Experts" are so ego driven, they want you to know it was them who saved your pathetic life. They want to tell the world how humbling it was to hear that they could do some good in the world, when it was actually by the grace of god you even made it this far to begin with. But they can't. Just like the weather, their inability to fix the problem isn't their choice. The smartest people I know also think they are stupid. Because the smartest people I know, know how little they will ever know about anything. Even the their field of expertise. I was once told about how medical discoveries in orthopedics were done in people's basements. That's right, your gramma's fake hip was first tested in a dark and dirty cavern before being put inside her body. People were allowed to do this. I also learned the cancers caused as a consequence of having no idea what the materials would do to the body if they lasted past their warrantee. Because the "experts" don't know shit. When those "experts" claim they reduced the suffering and extended the life of loved ones by X amount of years, the funny thing is, they literally have no point of comparison. Its not to say that they didn't, its just that because a permanent change was made to the body, there is and never could be any way to know for sure what could have happened. This divergence from truth is never reconciled by those who use it to inflate the importance for their employment. People are conditioned to attach emotions to every word they hear. There's a popular podcaster who calls himself a dummy so much, first you think he's stupid, which may not be completely accurate (but hey, we all are) and then, you start thinking the other guy is an "expert", when you have no idea if that idiot is completely ignorant of the subject they're discussing. We think, dummy = bad, expert = good, and we leave it at that. And if you're one of the dummies, or maybe you were just coerced into believing you are one, you can only imagine what you could learn from the alternative. Maybe everything. That is if you'd only shut the fuck up and listen you stupid piece of shit. If you don't listen to "experts" then you can fucking die. Oh yeah! Exactly how many lives have the "experts" managed to save? I'll give you a hint, its exactly ZERO. Give it a long hard thought. And when you're finished pondering that one, take a second to think about how distracted you've been from cherishing the moments you had with those you loved and how every single one of them has already died sometime in the future and there is not a damn thing you could ever do about it. Thank god.

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