Can't Outsmart Stupid

Updated: Apr 17

This will likely be included in my case studies on my sculpture design process. One of the things we tried to do is make sure no one died accidentally from messing about my sculptures. It's no easy task and virtually impossible. Climbing, tipping, leaning, etc, if someone really wanted to, there many clever ways to off themselves using my artwork. At some point you have to say to yourself, that's good enough and if something happens, it's their own fault. People think intelligence is this superior attribute that can solve any problem and in the current state of the world, cabals openly gloat about how they could potentially cure death. Lol ok. I grew up in a family that revered stupidity as the single most unreconcilable flaw any human could have. Being called stupid to them is the equivalent of being a waste of human dna. Although having never admitted to harm, you can see where that line of thinking leads. Unfortunately, smart people aren't very smart at all, and death can never be cured. Even if it could, don't you think life would quickly become pretty boring pretty. How would you feel after attending the 2000th family reunion where you're blessed to see all the people you hate? Or are you one of the very few who loves everyone? Smart people also suffer from the universal problem of being seen as stupid by the dummies you'd likely surround yourself with, since no smart person likes competition. Jimmy-bucktooth smarty-pants get together from time to time and come up with clever plots to take over the world. Willy G (who looks like my aunty and then wonders why he has to go to he who totally killed himself just to get laid) thinks himself one of those geniuses. From my experience, these people don't have enough foresight to understand how people behave when stupidity is maximized. Then you have to wonder, if they're smart or just control freaks. This is why smart men are more dangerous than any other type of person. Match it with the right ego and a good marketing department and boom shakka the public isn't even calling them out for being evil people bent on world domination. People will think the idea is cartoonishly over the top. But where is that point, when people are so stupid, they can't be outsmarted? In the past murder seemed almost trivial. Currently, violence can't even be spoken of as a tool for resistance, in a combination of condescension and mandate. The force seems to go in only one direction. So much for dissent. I think there is a point when enough is enough and heads will need to roll to balance the scales. This is a huge blind spot for the supposedly smart. After all, someone in their ranks will one think, "wait, this could happen to me." Think about it. All those nerds got bullied for being smart. Willy G is so ugly I have trouble believing his ex-wife had any interest in banging outside the times their children were conceived. Any times that guy tries to be the slightest bit charismatic in public, his shadow is immediately punished. What type of person do you think comes out of this? Gen-Xrs had an open culture of torturing nerds. Now nerds are at the top of the food chain. Not just smart people, NERDS. Dweebs like Willy G have all the money in the world. Do you think he's been humbled by his lack of charm or beauty? How old was he when he finally consulted he who did totally killed himself? Insults aside, there are obviously many intelligent and attractive people out there. I suppose my point is, you might know what you know, and many things you don't. But you also don't know what you don't know. The hopeful thing is that you also don't know what you know. I'm not sure any bit of that is an indication of intelligence. I'd be more inclined to believe the stars.

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