I don't have time for it and the internet is 99.999999% full of it. I come here to write mostly for exercise because I'm a fantastic writer. Even saying that, I don't really proof read my stuff because what the hell's the point if no one's reading it? So you could call this bullshit. I am adding to the endless topography of metaversal cave paintings and I have no intention of stopping. Let AWS deal with it hahaha. However, bullshit will be the death of us all. At this rate, we shouldn't be worried about the mythical tower of paper we predicted would swallow up mankind, we should redirect our focus to the endless piles of running hard drives jam packed with jpegs which haven't been viewed in decades waiting for some crybaby to dig up and smear you with. You left them there, remember, because you wanted to be fired from your bullshit desk job in 2099. And you'd still be using paper. But that won't happen. Because we can't save all of it no matter how badly you wanted to be racist. You won't truly know bullshit until you use social media. I know what you're thinking, who? Me? No, you're probably one of the assholes who doesn't go on social media, dummy. Just kidding. (Do people do that anymore? Joke? Or is it just memes all the way down?) Social media is just trash after trash after trash after trash of people's random useless thoughts. And because of the nature of the venue, There's no way to gauge what value anything is. And then its gone! But it's not gone. Ever. Even if you deleted it, some asshole bot took a photo of your trash existence just for later. Why?! What's incredible is that you probably don't even know that your own thoughts are bullshit until you open your stupid mouth, or clickity clack your loud ass keyboard for a minute. But after some time, maybe even a long time, especially if you throw out foul language a lot, you're gonna notice how absolutely stupid you sound. If you find yourself smirking when spewing that bullshit around others, you might even be a psychopath, because if people start applauding you for your bullshit, that means they probably weren't listening. You don't even know what you're talking about. you're just figuring it out like the rest of us. The smirk is just one indicator that you are aware your bullshit is valued in dollars. That or pussy. Bet.

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