All Atheists Believe in God

They just use different words to describe. They will tell you the name for the phenomenon is the universe. And yet, they'll tell you the system has exactly the same qualities as anyone who explained to them what God is. They will tell you the name for their god is nothing. And again the explanation rears the same results as the former. Atheists (maybe not all of them) ignorantly believe the religious precept is that God is a man (or I suppose a woman) and that He (since many references engender the god) is man or is anthropomorphized. They ignorantly believe that true believers are being fooled by some book into believing in obvious falsities for some benefit to their future dead selves. But when you ask a true believer, they will tell you that death is a return to source and that the punishments we serve during our stay here are a consequence of our own selfish actions/inactions. They will tell you that bargaining is ineffective and some will say believing in the forgiveness of the lord might make life easier, since we're all such pieces of shit. Atheists seem to think that morality is just something that we thought up. A mutable concept. But it appears in the behaviors of other animals you say? Well that's just common sense. From the nothingness. And I agree. It did come from nothing. The only mathematical equation that is needed to prove its existence is that nothing can be divided by zero. Just the same as the law of equivalent exchange. And if energy can not be created from nothing, then where did all of those things from nowhere, ever come from. Where did your thoughts come from? If your god is nothing, then I guess we agree. I would add that there is no consensus on the age of the universe or evolution. They are theories. Theories need to be proven in order to become facts. What many scientists have conceded to is other people's ideas which they have no reason to question because they ideas themselves have no value in the greater scheme of science in general. There is no possible way to ever know the answer to those questions because science relies on repeatable observable evidence which neither could ever provide. This isn't to say the theories are incorrect, they are merely unprovable. Humans have created a plethora of systems to create stories to convince people that theories are facts, and although convincing, ALL stories should be taken with as much value as any religious texts. The appropriate response to such claims should be, COOL STORY BRO or the more recent OK BOOMER. Its all just more fake news.

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