AI and Idiocy

AI "took over" the world a long long time ago, and if you didn't already know that, you are probably one of the dummies. Corporations are artificial intelligence and AI is merely a hammer. The single most obvious clue to this insight is that corporations allowed global law to declare them to have similar but more than equal rights to humans. If that wasn't enough to convince you, take a look at what corporate obesity has allowed to flourish. Namely: obesity, a known negative health condition, which positively affects corporate interest. When you call Orange Corp, Lydia answers the phone. But Lydia represents the voice of Orange Corp, and when Lydia speaks on behalf of Orange Corp she will refer to herself as "we at Orange Corp". But when Lydia (God bless her) fucks up, Orange Corp will admonish Lydia with full responsibility, because unbeknownst to Lydia, she is merely a replaceable organ for the corporation which she serves. That's right, people are the organs of corporations. And not only are they replaceable, you could go as far to say corporations themselves are immortal. And we've allowed them to be. They could even be more valuable to human legacy than birthing a child at this point. They rarely die bore merging, and when they do "die", they merely dissolve. Corporations eat money and shit objects (typically, but in the digital era we call it "content"). And you may not realize, many of those objects will outlive you. Corporate POOP will outlive you. How does it feel to be have less longevity than a piece of shit? With the advent of the internet, I'm not even sure obesity can be claimed as the appropriate term anymore, since even corporate obesity at one point would choke resources from even the tightest of grips. Now with the internet, and thanks to decentralized neuro-networks, corporations have been granted virtually unlimited superpowers. When the culling of the old, stupid, sick, and fat begins, I'm not sure anyone would even notice. This is considering there is an obvious over abundance of the most important corporate resource; human consumers. However, I suppose morbidly obese people probably contribute the most to corporate feed, will they be as important when money becomes completely digitized? Will corporations switch their diet to click farming alone? Time will tell. After all, if there are NO humans, who will be left to feed their bottomless bellies? And what will their poop become? One could argue that corporations are story farms, feeding humans desire for their countless fictions to be told. Or perhaps its the other way, that ideas themselves are farming humans for their stories to be told. The endless story generator is what every religion is premised upon. Would that mean that corporations are actually enslaved by us? And that we created them to facilitate our endless blathering about? The bible itself is a good starting point for when corporations came to be. Regardless, if an AI was told to make paperclips and began creating paperclips out of everything, indiscriminately but with agency, would that be the doing of the machine or the corporate interest? AI is a hammer. A chat bot, will chat for the sake of its master. An anthropomorphic automaton is exercising the will of its master. To think there would be anything remotely resembling human that doesn't already come from a womb is absurd. We are after all, God's artificial intelligence.

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